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Our Services

At Elmhurst Education, we offer a range of tailored services to assess and support children, provide invaluable guidance to parents, and forge strong partnerships with schools. Clients have the flexibility to opt for a one-off assessment or guidance session, while others may choose to engage in multiple sessions and assessments over several years to ensure comprehensive and ongoing support on their child's educational journey.


(in-person or online)

Bespoke Educational Assessment (non-diagnostic) £450

(Under 7 years £325)

Full Diagnostic Dyslexia assessment £675

Example Assessments

Full Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation to identify and understand dyslexia-related challenges.

Underlying Academic Ability and Learning Potential

Assessment to uncover a child's foundational academic abilities and potential for learning.

Literacy and Numeracy Achievement

Evaluation to pinpoint any specific difficulties in literacy and numeracy skills, including for example dyscalculia and dyslexia traits.

ADHD and Autism Initial Screens (Non-diagnostic)

Preliminary screenings to assess for signs of attention, focus, impulsivity, social communication and interaction difficulties, providing initial insights, without diagnosis, and recommendations based on findings.

Gifted and Talented

Assessment to recognise exceptional academic abilities in children.

Visual and Motor Skills

Evaluation measuring the coordination of visual perception and motor development, crucial for tasks such as writing and drawing.

All educational assessments include a detailed written report and feedback session.

We understand that underlying educational challenges and neurodiversity can greatly influence a child's self-esteem and behavior at home, affecting the entire family. We are here to listen, advise and offer strategies to parents. We help parents navigate their child's educational journey, providing guidance and advice on how best to support their child at home, as well as facilitate communication between parents, schools and professionals.

Are you grappling with any of these questions?

"I think my child has ADHD/Autism, what should I do next?"

"My child has been diagnosed with ADHD/Autism, but I feel lost, how can I support them?"

"My child is really struggling with the social element of school, I am worried that their mental health is deteriorating, I don't know where to turn next?"

"My child behaves well at school but when they come home they fall apart. Am I doing something wrong? How can I help them?"

"I think there is something wrong but school don't see any problems, what can I do next?" 

"I think my child is dyslexic, how can I support them to reach their potential?" 

"How do I know which school will suit my child?"


(in-person or online)

Price: £125 per session

(to include written feedback)

3 session package: £300 


In-School Bespoke Educational Assessments

Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessments

Workshops and Training Sessions

SEND Consulting Services

 Tailored consulting services designed to enhance inclusive practice within schools.

Whole Staff Inset Training

Comprehensive training for the entire school staff to promote professional development and inclusive teaching practices.

Parent Talks

 Informative talks for parents focused on supporting neurodiverse learners and nurturing resilient children.

Whether it's building self-esteem, improving resilience, embracing change, managing schoolwork, social interactions, or daily routines, our sessions help children and young people navigate challenges with confidence and resilience. We work closely with them to identify their strengths and areas for growth, empowering them to succeed both at school and beyond.


Our personalised guidance sessions are designed to support children and young people facing various challenges, including those diagnosed with learning differences such as ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia. 


Our program consists of three sessions, with the option to extend and do further sessions based on individual needs and goals. 


(in-person or online)

Price: Dependent on age of child/young person

(3 session price: £200-£285)


'Lucinda encourages all people to flourish and excel. She regards any additional needs as challenges to be met with a full panoply of expertise, appropriate interventions, support, learning materials and technology. She champions the pupil who struggles and finds a way to show them how success can be achieved. Lucinda is an inspiring classroom practitioner, astute judge of a person's strengths and a skilled negotiator through tricky waters. You could not find a better practitioner to support your child on their journey.'  


Jill - former Headteacher. 

Lucinda was incredibly helpful when discussing our daughter who was subsequently diagnosed with ADHD. She gave practical, easy to follow advice and the fact she is a parent herself means she really gets it. As a parent of an ADHD child, you often need a hands on, bespoke approach and I have already recommended her to friends who are looking for coaching sessions on how to handle real life situations.'

Anna - Parent 

School Supply
  • Why have an educational assessment?
    Booking your child an educational assessment can provide invaluable insights and benefits for their academic and personal development. Here are some reasons why you should consider booking an assessment for your child: Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: An educational assessment can help identify your child's strengths and areas where they may need additional support. This insight allows for targeted interventions and personalised support. Identifying Learning Differences: Assessments can uncover specific learning differences such as dyslexia. Early detection allows for timely interventions and support strategies. Guiding Educational Planning: Assessment results can inform educational planning and decision-making, such as selecting appropriate schools and/or support tailored to your child's needs. Monitoring Progress: Assessments provide baseline data to monitor your child's progress over time. Regular assessments can track improvements, identify ongoing challenges, and adjust interventions accordingly. Empowering Parents: Educational assessments empower parents with valuable information and resources to support their child's academic and personal growth effectively. It equips parents with strategies and tools to advocate for their child's educational needs. Overall, booking your child an educational assessment can be a proactive step towards optimising their educational experience, fostering their confidence, and unlocking their full potential
  • How long does an educational assessment take, and what age child/young person can be assessed?
    The duration of an educational assessment can vary depending on various factors, including the type of assessment, the age and needs of the child, and the scope of the evaluation. Generally, assessments last 2-3 hours. These can be split into two sessions, if appropriate. Elmhurst Education works with children as young as four years.
  • Where does the assessment take place?
    While we offer online assessments, our preference is to assess children and young people in person whenever possible. Our office is based in central Tunbridge Wells, Kent, a 5 minute walk from the railway station, parking is available. Additionally, we provide in-school assessments to partnership schools in the South East of England. However, due to high demand, we are actively exploring opportunities to expand our assessment services to a wider area.
  • What should I tell my child?
    When discussing the assessment with your child, it's important to keep the conversation positive and reassuring. Here are some suggestions on what you can say: Explain the Purpose: Let your child know that the assessment is a way to learn more about their strengths and how they learn best, as well as areas that you can support them with. Reassure Them: Reassure your child that the assessment is not a test they can pass or fail. Tell them that it's okay to feel a little nervous, but there's nothing to worry about. Focus on Growth: Emphasise that the assessment is an opportunity for growth and learning. Let your child know that you're proud of them for participating and that you believe in their abilities. Normalise the Experience: Explain that many children go through assessments, and it's a normal part of the learning process. By keeping the conversation positive and supportive, you can help your child feel more comfortable and confident about the assessment.
  • How quickly can I/my child be seen?
    We prioritise timely assessments for your child's needs. Our practice operates a cancellation list, allowing us to offer earlier appointments should they become available. Please feel rest assured, we strive to see every child promptly while ensuring the quality and thoroughness of our assessments. For coaching and guidance sessions, Lucinda Cook hosts weekly clinics both online and in person. We maintain a waiting list and regularly update clients on current wait times.
  • I think my child has ADHD/Autism, can you help?
    Absolutely. An educational assessment can help identify potential ADHD/Autistic traits and offer recommendations for both home and school, based on our findings. Some parents prefer an educational assessment as a starting point, rather than rushing for a full diagnostic assessment, as it often serves as a valuable starting point in this journey. We provide recommendations for both home and school. Please note that Elmhurst Education does not provide diagnoses for ADHD/Autism, as these are medical diagnoses. Should further assessment be necessary, we have established relationships with pediatricians and clinical psychologists to facilitate onward referrals if required.
  • My child has already been diagnosed with ADHD/Autism and things are really difficult at home/school; can you help?
    If your child has already been diagnosed with ADHD/Autism and you're facing challenges at home or school, we're here to provide support. We offer guidance and strategies tailored to your child's specific needs and challenges. Through personalised coaching sessions and educational support, we aim to assist you in navigating these difficulties more effectively.
  • How do we pay?
    To facilitate payment, we accept bank transfers. Upon booking an assessment, a non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to secure the date. Full payment is due 48 hours prior to the assessment date. For guidance and coaching sessions, invoices are issued at the time of booking, and the session is reserved for 24 hours until payment is received. This ensures smooth processing and confirms your reservation promptly.
  • Can you diagnose dyslexia?
    Yes, at Elmhurst Education, we are equipped to conduct full diagnostic dyslexia assessments following SASC (Specific Learning Difficulties Assessment Standards Committee) guidelines. It's important to note that whilst we offer educational assessments for children under the age of seven, including identifying dyslexia traits and recommending strategies and interventions, we do not conduct full diagnostic assessments before the age of 7 years, as per SASC guidelines.
  • Do you offer tutoring as part of your service?
    Elmhurst Education works closely with a range of online and in-person tutors specialising in literacy and numeracy support, including dyslexia and dyscalculia specialists.
  • Can my child have their assessment at school?
    In-school assessments can be very effective as it gives the assessor the opportunity to liaise with teachers and include an in-class observation, if appropriate. Elmhurst Education has partnerships with schools in the South East of England. All assessors have an enhanced DBS and are fully insured, however often schools have their own policy on whether external professionals can work in their school. Fundamentally it is the school's decision, so please approach your school first before booking an assessment, if this is avenue you would like to pursue. A quiet room is required for at least three hours. Please note travel costs will be quoted prior to booking.
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